Happy International Day of Black Women in the Arts!

The first African-American and also the first black woman to win a Nobel prize is Toni Morrison. Toni Morison won the Nobel Prize in Literature, a Pulitzer Prize and was awarded the American medal of freedom. Morrison was word in Ohio, 1931, and is an extremely popular editor, novelists and professor. Her work is widely known for its astounding language, there themes and the many strong African-American characters throughout her work.

At Howard University, Morrison continued to pursue her interest in literature. She majored in English and minored in classics. After graduating from Howard in 1953, Morrison continued her education at Cornell University. In 1957, Morrison returned to Howard as a lecturer. While working in Howard, Morrison began writing her first novel, originally a short story she wrote in a writers group.

Morrison’s first novel was published in 1970 under the name ‘Toni’. The book focuses on an African-American girl who believes her life would be easier if she had blue eyes. The controversial novel did not initially sell well. Her second book, Sula which explores the good and evil of a friendship gained her a nomination in the American Book Awards. Song Of Soloman was the first book by an African-American since Native Son to be picked in the Book of The Month club.

In 1993, Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for her contribution into the arts. In 2012,she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama. In autumn 2016, she received the Pen/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction.