January 24th, 1908 is the date the Boy Scouts craze began in English following  a book named ‘Scouting for Boys’by already popular Robert Baden-Powell. While stationed in India, Powell realized his fellow men did not know basic first aid or basic survival methods of the outdoors. Powell began to write a small handbook names ‘Aids to Scouting’ which discusses resourcefulness,adaptability and leadership.

After its popularization in England demand for a scouting club had reached America. Not long after, The Boy Scouts of America is one of the larges youth organisations in the U.S with 2.7 million members and over 1 million volunteers. Since its founding in 1910, more than 110 million people have been members of the BSA.  Early issues included race inclusion and the age limit for joining. There was also discussions regarding different clubs within the Boy Scouts for different age groups.  Since it’s establishment 4 different age ranges have been established. The Tiger Scouts was established for first grade boys, where each boy works with an adult to earn his tiger badge. The wolf scouts next, where second grade boys graduate into. They go to weekly meetings alone but family members are required to complete tasks. The bear scouts as established for the third grade and Webelos Scouts for the fourth grade. The Boy Scout programme is for boys whom are 11 years old and have finished the fifth grade. They often go on trips, learn life skills and complete tasks to complete badges.

In 1974, The Boy Scouts of America finally became racially integrated after threats of burning of scout uniforms and constant pressure from the white communities of America to have people of non-white decent to be banned. This resulted in other aces establishing their own packs before 1974. Since January 2014 openly gay members are allowed to become Scouts, however openly gay adults are still banned from being leaders.