Happy National Pizza Day!

The modern pizza is thought to have begun around 1525 around when tomatoes were introduced to Italy.  Although the word “pizziare” has been around as early as 1000 BC it is thought the original pizza was made quite differently in modern times. The modern concept of pizza is thought to be less than 500 years old.

With the introduction of tomatoes from South America to Italy it was originally thought they were poisonous. However, desperate peasants soon found this was not the case. In the 17th century the peasants of Italy began adding it to their breads and the first pizza was created. 

As the tomato became increasingly popular the introduction of mozzarella cheese from water buffalo in India was also gaining popularity. Despite both ingredients popularity cheese and tomatoes did not meet on a pizza until the 19th century. 

In 1889 an Italian tavern owner developed a pizza with toppings for tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil. Because these ingredients held the colours of the Italian flag the tavern owner decided to name the pizza after the Queen of Italy- Margherita. Behold, the modern day pizza.