Happy National Plum Pudding Day!

Plum pudding, also known as Christmas pudding is a traditional British dessert to end a Christmas dinner. However, the modern plum pudding is not even close to its original form!

Plum pudding originated in the 14th century in the form of a porridge known as ‘frumenty’. This was made of beef, mutton and raisins, currants, prunes, wines and spices. The texture was similar to that of soup and would be eaten as a means of fasting before Christmas celebrations.

By the 16th century, ‘frumenty’ was slowly evolving into a plum pudding. This was done as it had begun being thickened with eggs, breadcrumbs, dried fruit and had an enhanced flavor using beer and spirits. Around the 17th century it had become a customary Christmas tradition. However, in 1664 the Purtians banned it as a bad custom.

In the 18th century, King George I re-established it as part of a Christmas meal after tasting a enjoying plum pudding. By the Victorian Era Plum pudding had evolved into a dish similar to the traditional Christmas Pudding.

Through the colonial period the pudding was seen as a symbol of unity throughout the British Empire.