Happy National Tortellini Day!

Tortellini is a ring shaped pasta, referred to sometimes as ‘naval shaped’. They are typically stuffed with a wide range of cheese or meat. Originally from the Italian region of Bologna, they were mainly served in a broth of chicken or beef.

A strong local origin story of this strange pasta began in an inn. One night during a trip, Lucrezia Borgia decided to stay in an inn in the small town of Catelfranco Emilia. During the night the host bacame so captivated by Borgias beauty he decided to follow her to her room. The could not resist but look through the dimly lit rooms key hole. Due to the darkness of the room all the host could see was Borgias navel. Her beauty had captivated him to such an extent this drove him to model a pasta after her belly button.

Another origin story close in details involves both Venus and Jupiter during medieval Italy. The host was so captivated by their beauty he took a peek through their rooms key hole. All he saw Venus’ belly button and under a spell created the pasta.