Happy national banana bread day!

It is thought bread was first baked about 12,000 years ago during neolithic times, using crushed grains and water over hot stones. It was later discovered by the Egyptians about 4,000 BC, that wheat flours ferment creating gases, making a lighter, more pleasant bread. The bananas originated in South East Asia. The people living there would have eaten rice, therefor bread was not produced as rice was a staple of their diets.

Bananas were first sold in the USA in 1870 and soon became hugely popular by the turn of the century. Quick breads, such as bananas bread were not developed until the end of the 18th century. However, the first banana bread was produced in 1849 and is due to an Indian tradition. Th tradition involved taking ripe fruit and transforming it into loaves before a voyage to retain freshness.