Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

Compared to other mythological creatures, the Tooth Fairy is fairly new. Originally created to encourage children to maintain oral hygiene, the Tooth Fairy has become an iconic children’s character and has become a part of many cultures. 

The idea of the tooth fairy originated in Europe, with the idea ti vury teetg that have fallen out. In 1927, a play was written named the Tooth Fairy. The play was 8 pages and was aimed at children. The following year the play began being performed in schools, resulting in the Tooth Fairy slipping into homes ever since. During this time, money received from the Tooth Fairy was considered a large amount to children. During war time stamps were often left for children.

In modern times, money left by the Tooth Fairy has declined. With $3-4 being left behind by the Tooth Fairy the amount is at the lowest ever.